Our Projects

Neetraheen Avas Yojana

There are many Blinds who are living under inadequate conditions that are neither safe nor stable in the long run. There are many who are very talented but are unable to work on their talents because they cannot afford to live in a place where they can do so. Since we are a residential organization we do provide accommodation for such blinds. Netraheen Aavas Yojana is our Ashram’s unique and practical scheme that provides permanent shelter and complete protection to the Blind coming from poor families in rural areas. The Ashram accepts the blind irrespective of their caste and religion and provides hostel, food, education, medical and musical training totally free of cost. For the past 23 years, our organization has provided a reliable

shelter to many Blinds. Our Saraswati Bhawan is being utilized for establishing ‘Blind Education Center’, ‘Blind Music Academy’, ‘Bhandara’ and other welfare activities and projects, we are unable to provide hostel facilities to as much Blind as we would like to accommodate in that premises due to lack of space.

A Kind Request:
Through our ‘Netraheen Aavas Yojana’ project, we are beseeching and encouraging kind donors like you to come forward and help us in our need for a separate land or building for the sole purpose of providing residential facilities to as many underprivileged and orphan blind children as we can.

Anna-Daan Project

‘Food, Clothing, and Shelter’, we have been taught that these are the utmost necessities of life. Having them eases the burden of life’s struggle to some extent. But, almost half the population of this country is either starving day and night or worrying to keep a stable shelter above their head. This grim picture is even shadier if you are Blind.  Kolkata being one of the metropolitan cities in India is not untouched by the ever-fluctuating prices of food items. Other small cities, places, and villages in West Bengal face the problem of food shortage because of the uncertain weather conditions like cyclones, floods, and heavy rain, which makes it difficult to afford a decent meal. for a daily wage

 worker, visually impaired, or other disabled people.
(In the past 2 years, their struggles increased ten forth as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic & periodic natural calamities tried to extinguish the fight in them.)
Anna-Daan Kit:
We started this project with 1 Bag for 1 Family, but it was not enough for 1 month. That’s why we came up with the concept of the Anna-Daan Kit which contains 2 bags in one kit. As of now, 400 Blind families are associated with our project out of which 100 families are already sponsored by generous donors for the whole year. One Kit contains 10kg Rice, 2kg Dall, 2ltr Cooking Oil, 2kg Sugar, 1 Salt, Masala (Spices), Marie Biscuit, Murti (Puffed Rice), Suji (Semolina), Soyabean & Soap. Each kit is distributed in Two-Phase each month.

1 Anna-Daan Kit for 1 Blind Family is Rs 1,400/ :
400 Blind Families are relying on us for food. Most of the time we are unable to collect enough to provide for 400 families almost every month. Therefore, we request you to come forward with your support and donate Anna-Bag according to your wishes and help us save them from becoming a victim of hunger.

Blind Students Scholarship Project

Blind students face several barriers physical, financial, psychological, and mental in pursuing studies and living life with dignity. At times such students are deprived of harnessing their skills and thereby miss the opportunity to earn their livelihood and find a dignified place for themselves in society. This scheme encourages disabled students to pursue professional or technical courses and various skill development courses for their own empowerment. Hereby, it is our humble request to you, kindly come forward with your help and financial support and enable us to link them to the mainstream of the society.
Under our Scholarship Project, we provide financial help on a yearly

basis to those Blind Students who are financially incapable to make themselves educated enough to be independent and stand on their own feet. Those in poverty bear the brunt of the negative effects of blindness. Our aim is to help blind children get the same quality and quantity of education as their sighted peers. This would lead them to have doors opened to increase their upwards economic mobility.
The Cost of a Scholarship for 1 Blind Student for 1 year is Rs 8,400/.
The yearly Scholarship for 75 Blind Students is Rs 6, 30, 000/ :
Due to COVID-19 education among children has suffered the most. Schools and colleges are shut which has forced them to rely on online classes which are not easy for blind students. We have been trying to help them through our project but due to the lack of financial support, we are unable to do so. The Students will be very ecstatic if you could help them acquire the education that they deserve.

Blind Computer Training Centre

In today’s scenario, computer and technology have a very significant impact on everyone’s life and has created a vast opportunity for jobs for every single person irrespective of their disabilities. For blind people, training in computers has proved to be a boon in their life. In the present situation, a physically challenged person no longer aspires to lead a life based on sympathy. He aspires to rise above his/her disability and create a living out of it.
In both commercial and social employment opportunities Complete Blind people in both Computer centers that provide structure there is a wide scope available for both the Partial and government and private 

sectors. training these visually impaired people use special software called ‘Jaws’. Such centers are very few in number and are situated in urban areas which is an inconvenience for seekers in rural areas.
The computer training center established by us will not only help to meet the challenges of employment but will also provide a wide scope to save both time and money and be technically skilled. This project will create a vast opportunity for all the literate blind girls who have married and settled at their convenience, to learn computers and increase their technical literacy.

Long-Term Impact:
The availability of these centers providing almost free training and practicing facilities will surely solve their problems to a greater extent. Gradual increase in the number of centers in their nearby localities will enable us to prepare a large number of the educated blind to be computer literate and help them seeking for a means of income thus making their life comfortable and happy.
The Estimated Cost of Establishing One Blind Computer Training Center is Rs 7,73,000/- (Seven Lakh Seventy Three Thousand Only)
Our aim is to establish 15 Blind Computer Training Centers in different Districts of West Bengal State of India.

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