About Us

Since 1998, Bharatendu Andh Ashram is a Cultural, Social & Residential organization solely dedicated and devoted to the cause ‘Bring Education, Acceptance, and Dignity’ to the lives of the Visually Challenged. The trust is run by a team of committed professionals interested in the welfare of blind people in society.
Since commencement, we aimed of becoming a bridge that eradicates the disparities among the visually impaired, in a society that looks at them through the eyes of sympathy. For the past 24 years, we have continuously worked on the parameter of Food Distribution, Education, Employment, Social Benefits, and Cultural Acceptance in the lives of the Blind through our various

welfare projects. This has become the foundation of work that our organization has decided to carry out as a contribution to the world of the blind so they can turn their situation from that of sympathy to a status of dignity.
Stay with us in this way so that we can put a smile on the face of those unfortunate innocents and give them a beautiful life. We may not be able to restore their sight but we can give them a sense of this beautiful world. We all want to move forward in such a way that they, like everyone else, can stand shoulder to shoulder with confidence in society.


Promoting and Introducing various activities and projects for the Blind.
Providing free-of-cost residential, food, and medical facilities to the blind Irrespective of their caste and religion.
Empowering them with education, musical training, and a sense of spiritual ethics towards self-sufficiency through employment, self-employment, and professionalism and thereby Integrate them with dignity Into the mainstream of the society.
Through our Blind Students Scholarship Project, we are Sponsoring scholarships to 75 Blind Students who are willing to pursue higher education.
Per month 400 Blind families are benefited through our Anna-Daan Project.
We sponsor economically challenged parents of a blind and take care of old blind men and women who are unable to fond for their own.
To establish Computer Training Centers providing free training and practicing facilities In order to help them towards employment Issues In this technology and computer dominating era.
A well-equipped Music Academy is set up to boost their impeccable sense of music.
We are organizing awareness programs for them to break through their confined environment and provide support through shelter, training, education, financial assistance, and mobility assistance pieces of equipment so that they have a shot at living a decent and respectable life in regular society.